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Want to play recreational basketball?

We offer youth recreational program from elementary to high school players. If you are interested in playing basketball and you are either new to the sport or advanced this is the place. Our league offers teams that fit all skill levels. On this page you will find common questions answered regarding our schedules, practices to season length. Can't find what you are looking for? Just email us and we'll be happy to chat with you.


Our League


League Description

Welcome to The (SCS-League) Basketball Program for students in the 2nd-11th grade.  This is a great opportunity for beginners or mid-level student-athletes to increase, grow and enhance their skill set and abilities.

The (SCS-League) offers athletes an opportunity to train, learn the fundamentals, position skill set and overall understanding of the game while preparing them for their next level of competition.

The (SCS-League) has helped countless athletes in the past who may have needed additional time to grow, more opportunity on the court and/or basketball training to be selected for their Middle school or High school basketball team. 

Spots are limited, register your student or team today to secure spot. 

Main Focus: Building Self-Esteem & Next Level Preparation.  Whether you're a low to mid-level talent or have years of experience, our AAU base training/league play is a excellent program.

Players in the (SCS-League) will receive (1) and/or (2) days a week training/practice.  Our workout & skills sessions are held weekly @our SCS Basketball training facility.

The (SCS-League) if you are interested in playing click below to sign up for our league. Players receive game jersey, practice sessions and competitive games during the program. For more information please contact us here.